Your Personal Chef


Let me cook for your special occasion, so that you can enjoy the party!

I have catered parties from 2 to 175 in a variety of styles, from formal dinner served in courses, to casual, buffet-style fare. Additionally you can order dishes for parties you are hosting.

I would be pleased to set up a consultation to see if I am well-suited for your gathering. Please Send me a message via the Contact form.


Sample menus:

Bridal shower for Emily: Midsummer afternoon Tea-Party in Fancy Hats. 

(A garden party attended by 50)

Served on antique fine-china with silver plated flatware.

Pots of tea: Nilgiri, Hibiscus, Green and Mint

Cucumber-cream cheese, rye-bread mini-sandwiches

Olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade on sourdough 

Fresh fruit plate: Cherries, raspberries, green-grapes, strawberries and blueberries

Mixed greens, pine-nuts and shaved parmesan salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Assorted mini pastries and tart platter.


Birthday party for Alessandra: A November dinner served in 5 courses

(A House-party attended by 20)

Sev-batata-puri: Crunchy puri filled with spiced potato, spouted mung, tamarind-date chutney and piquant coriander chutney.

Sodi: Shrimp and coconut milk curry flavored with fenugreek, lime and curry leaf.

Patra-nu-machi: Salmon smothered in coriander-coconut chutney, steamed in banana leaf.

Sweet-potatoes tempered with fennel-honey and lemon zest.

Flan: Goa-styled Caramel-custard made with local milk and eggs.


Berit and Jamie’s wedding rehearsal dinner: served family style in 3 courses.

(Dinner at Church attended by 70) 

Peanut chaat: Peanuts spiced up with fresh tomato, onion, jalepeno, ginger, lime and cilantro.

Raita: Cucumbers dressed in a tart, yogurt and mint sauce.

Chole: Chick-peas coked in a tamarind-tomato broth spiced with cinnamon and garam spices.

Chicken Biryani: Buttered and spiced Himalayan Basmati layered with tender, spiced chicken, brista-fried onion and potatoes. 

Mango lassi: Pureed mango and yogurt dessert-drink.


Graduation party for Enzo

(A backyard buffet attended by 175)

 Bhel-puri: The famous Indian Street food made of varied textures and flavors. 

Mamra: Spiced Puffed-rice  

Sev: Spiced chick-pea-flour vermicelli, fried in mustard oil. 

Chana: Salted chickpeas tossed with lime and sunflower-oil.

Batata: Salted potato cooked with tumeric.

Garnish: Chopped Green mango, ginger and onion.

Green Chutney: Fresh, tart, piquant coriander chutney with ginger and garlic.

Sweet and sour chutney: made with tamarind and dates.