Punjabi Thali

September Thali


The Indian cuisine made famous by restaurants worldwide. When Punjab was brutally divided by partition in 1947, many Punjabis abandoned their ancestral homes with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing. They rebuilt their lives preparing tandoori breads and meats at roadside stalls and made this regional cuisine the identity of “Indian food” all over the world.  This menu probably tied for first place with enthusiastic response. Enjoy preparations given to me by classmate and Dear-friend Mandeep, who owns the amazing restaurants Sher-e-Punjab in Panjim, Goa.


Dal Amritsari: Whole, black lentils slow cooked with ginger garlic, cumin, tomato, finished with thick cream

Jeera rice; Himalayan Basmati spiced with cumin and ghee to accompany dal.

Saag-paneer: Tender, homemade paneer-cheese, cooked with Malabar spinach.  

Naan: A leavened soft flat bread flavored with garlic-butter.

Boondi-raita: Radish, onion, mint and fried lentil-pips in savory-spiced yogurt dressing.

Baigan Chutney: Flame-roasted eggplant flavored with garlic and oil. 

Cabbage pickle: Fermented cabbage flavored with ginger, green onion and hot peppers. 

Carrot halwa: Sweet carrots cooked with ghee and milk, flavored with cinnamon and cardamom.