Parsi thali

June Thali

The cuisine of one of the tiniest yet very vital minorities of India. Due to the philosophy of no-conversion, the numbers of this ancient monotheistic faith have dwindled to less than 100,000 worldwide, with the largest concentration in Bombay. Their most famous dishes feature meats, fowl, fish, eggs, quite contrary to the idea of a vegetarian thali. However, there are mouth-watering vegetarian specialities in the repertoire. Featured in this menu are foods served at weddings so that Hindu friends could enjoy the Parsi feast with as much merriment.


Masala dal: Spiced lentils cooked with turmeric vegetables and greens.

Berry Pulao: Basmati rice subtly flavored with onion and garlic, spiced and tossed with nuts and tart berries.

Patra: Typically this dish is made with colocasia leaves. My version will use fresh grape leaves stuffed with spiced chick-pea flour and steamed. 

Naan: A popular soft, leveaned flat bread, traditionally from the north, enjoyed by everyone!

Mango pickle: Fermented green mango flavored with fenugreek, turmeric, mustard and curry leaf.

Onion-mint-radish cachumber: Seasonal vegetable chop-salad.

Peanut chutney: roasted peanut chutney flavored with fresh coriander, hot peppers and lime. 

Fried Bananas: Bananas slow-cooked until caramelized with a hint of added rum.