Thali Tiffin Service


Explore the regional cuisines of India by subscribing to the monthly community meal.

·Shared meal dates 2019:

sign up for meals by specifying dates on the contact form.

(No worries, you may cancel if plans change along the year.)

Suggested donation: $50 for 2 servings.  Delivered Tiffins of 4 servings: $100.

Wednesday March 27 2019: Manglorean Thali

Wednesday April 24 2019: Bombay Street Food

Wednesday May 22 2019: Gujarat: Kutchi-Bhatiya Thali

Wednesday June 19 2019: Parsi flavored Thali

Wednesday July 17 2019: Goa: saraswat Thali

Wednesday August 14 2019: Goa-Portuguese

Wednesday September 11 2019: Punjabi Thali

Wednesday October 9 2019: Marathi Thali

Wednesday November 6 2019: Gujarat-Surti Thali

Thali Meal Description:

Thali, roughly translated, is Plate, the banana leaf or large metal plate that holds the daily meal. Traditionally In India, foods are freshly prepared with carefully handled ingredients. Grains are usually stored in their whole form. Wheat (for bread) is milled at the corner ghirni once or twice a month. Vegetables are purchased from vendors who call out from the street, ensuring that perfectly ripe produce flavors the meal. The aroma of chutney invites the household to dine, since it is stone-ground just before the meal. Chapatis or other flat-breads are usually served hot-off-the-griddle during the meal. Food is prepared and offered as a form of gratitude and respect for the experience of being alive.

 Since India is made up of many geographical regions and cultures, there is much to explore within the template of the basic thali, which consists the following components:

1) Rice (or other grain)

2) Legumes (lentils beans, peas,) 

3) Regional Flat- bread; or papad (wheat-free lentil cracker)

4) Cooked vegetable ( from seasonal farmer’s market produce)

5) Fresh vegetable (also what’s in season)

6) Fermented vegetable. (Pickled monthly for the thali service)

7) Fresh chutney (prepared with components that aid digestion and absorption, and enhance flavor.)

8) Tiny treat (Sweets made from jaggery/local maple syrup/ honey) a component of the essential flavors and are served along with the meal, usually in a tiny condiment-sized serving.) 

This array of foods and ingredients provide the nourishment that has kept Indians satiated and balanced for millennia! I will use the medicinal food philosophy of my ancestors, who promoted the eating of local, in-season foods to best Enjoy and thrive within a place. Meals will be mostly plant based, with a little bit of dairy and the occasional use of eggs. Please let me know if you have special dietary concerns.

Service details:

·I will prepare an eight component thali each month to be shared among friends. 

.Meals are available to order in portions of 2 and 4 servings.

. Two portion meals will be available for pick-up. 

. Subscriptions of 4 (or more) servings will be delivered (by my handsome dabbawallah on his custom-made pedal-powered vehicle) to addresses in St. Paul within a 3 mile radius of my home. 

·Returnable deposit on tiffin+ inserts: $45. Please make sure all parts, including lids and handles, of the reusable containers are returned. 

·The first delivery reminder will go out 5 days prior to the meal. The second reminder will be sent on the evening before delivery.  (Please cancel/modify as far in advance as you can. This meal takes several days of Kitchen-time in addition to preparation days. Cancelations must be made three days prior to delivery. Gift your meal or donate it if the cancelation deadline is missed.)

A cold-pack will be placed with the tiffin. A 5 gallon bucket (with an ice pack if possible!) placed outside your door will provide additional insulation on hot-hot days. 

·Contributions via old-fashioned cheque or cash may be inserted into the tiffin when it is returned.

Suggested donation: $50 for 2 servings.  Delivered Tiffins of 4 servings: $100. 

·Tiffin return: 

(a)  Tiffins can be returned to my front or backdoor at your convenience within two weeks. Make sure you have your name tag attached to the bag. For delivery patrons, I will pick up tiffins after sending a text/email reminding you to leave them outside your door. 

·St. Paul delivery on meal date afternoons between 4.30-6 

·Pick-up at my home 4.30-6.30