November Thali

To close out the 2019 season, I will serve up the traditionally, pure-vegthali in the style of my paternal grandmother. She was born and raised in Surat, just north of Bombay, and in 1926, moved to the big city when her marriage was arranged to my grand-father. She was sixteen and he was twelve years her senior. When I asked her if she was afraid, she said in Gujarati, “Why? He was a modern man, a handsome man, a smart scientist! I was very excited!” With this year’s version, I continue the exploration for the taste of her murrabba, the quest of my project. 

Dal: Gujarati stye lentils flavored with tamarind and a hint of jaggery.

Bhaat: Surti-kolam rice boiled and drizzled with ghee 

Rotli: Whole wheat, unleavened flat breads, smeared with ghee. 

bharelu-shaak: Steamed Eggplants, potatoes and peppers stuffed with chickpea-coconut chutney.

Murrabba: Individually treated ingredients, as they appear in season, combined to form this sweet,-sour-salty- bitter- piquant preserve.

Garlic-red-pepper chutney: Garlic, lime sesame seed and hot peppers flavor this passionate chutney.

Cranberry-cachumber: Fresh, seasonal cranberries with fresh ginger and hot peppers in a chop-salad 

Firney: Milk thickened with rice flour, flavored with cardamom and pistachio, sweetened with local maple-syrup.