April Thali

April Thali


Here is the Bombay street food, back by popular demand. Last year, this meal got the most enthusiastic praise! It should not be called a thali, but since I’ve included every component from my regional thali-plan, it will make this a meal. How does one describe the thrill of bhel-puri?  It’s crunchy and soft;  it’s fresh and cooked. It’s spicy, it’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s salty….oh yes, it’s got a bit of bitter and astringent to be the whole experience. This menu was chosen to be featured in early spring to herald in the season of lightness and humor.


Puffed rice: Puffed rice tempered with mustard, hing, hot peppers and curry leaf.

Sprouted Chana cachumber: Sprouted chick-peas dressed with a lime-garlic-ginger marinade.

Masala potato: Boiled potatoes seasoned with tumeric and cumin.

2 day mango-ginger pickle: Unripe mangoes fermented with salt and dried cayenne.

Green chutney: A piquant-tart pesto-styled, fresh chutney. made of fresh coriander

Tamarind date chutney: A sweet-sour chutney made from tamarind and sweetened with dates.

Puri: Crisp, fried, spiced, cracker-style Indian chips.

Mango lassi: A drink popular in India made of sweetened mango puree and yogurt.